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About Me

My name is Dr. Kristina Telhami and I am a Doctor of Pharmacy, Holistic Health Coach, Functional Medicine Specialist, and an Integrative Health Practitioner.

I dealt with a variety of health issues throughout college, such as amenorrhea, anxiety, depression, and digestive issues. I went to a variety of medical doctors for help and they tried to mask my symptoms with medications, but never helped me figure out the root cause of my symptoms.

After I found Functional Medicine, I was able to figure out the root cause of my issues and fix them without prescription medications.


Everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy. Are you ready to take control of your health?

Fun Facts About Me:
  • I played rugby in high school.

  • I studied abroad in Florence, Italy in college.

  • Both of my parents were born in the Middle East and most of my extended family live in Israel and Jordan.

  • I speak a little Arabic and I was baptized in Israel

Schooling & Qualifications:
  • San Diego State University

BS in Chemistry with an Emphasis in Biochemistry

  • Keck Graduate Institute School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Doctor of Pharmacy

  • Certified Functional Medicine Specialist™

From Functional Medicine Business Academy™​

  • Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Level 1 & 2

From Integrative Health Practitioner Institute


Let's Get Started

Are you ready to get to the root cause of your health issues and rebalance your health?

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