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Trust Your Gut

This program will help you heal yourself

and understand your body so much better!

I'm Dr. Kristina Telhami, and thank you for being here!

This in-depth group coaching program is all about giving you the tools and information so you can live a healthier lifestyle.  I am using all of my certifications, schooling, internships, experience, and more to give you all that I have learned within the last 8 years of my health journey.

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have no idea what foods you should be eating because everyone tells you to try Keto, dairy-free, Paleo, Low-FODMAP, AIP, Carnivore, No Sugar, etc. to heal your body

  • You struggle with digestive issues

  • You feel like none of the supplements you are taking are helping

  • You feel lost when it comes to hormone balance

  • You want to stop stressing about eating out at restaurants

  • You want a healthy metabolism

  • You are sick of going to doctors who tell you that you are "fine" and offer you medications without getting to the root cause of your problems

  • You have no energy throughout the day

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What's included in "Trust Your Gut?"

I will be lecturing, giving presentations and having an open Q & A after each session, You will have access to all slides and recordings so that you can re-listen and re-use any of this info for yourself! We will have a group chat and be meeting every other week for 5 months! You also have access to me for anything you need throughout the program!


Module 1

Sleep, stress, exercise

Want to learn about how important stress is on your healing process? Or how to optimize your sleep? Maybe you’re confused about what the best form of exercise is? This module is going to teach you everything you need to know with stress, sleep, and exercise. A big part of healing your gut, hormones, and metabolism is focusing on these three key factors.

Module 3


Fat has become such a hot topic in the health and wellness space. From recommending low-fat diets to high-fat diets, everyone seems confused on what type of fat and how much we need. This module will cover every single question you might have about fats. I will go over which fat is better than others, how much your body actually needs, and more!

Module 5

Calculating Your Food Requirements

Want to know how much you should be eating? This module is going to teach you everything you need to know in calculating your food requirements and how to structure your meals. We will also be discussing the truth behind dairy and how what you thought is actually the complete opposite of what we have been taught.

Module 7

Minerals - Part 2

Minerals are so extensive that I had to split this into two modules. This module focuses a lot on supplements and how each supplement might benefit or negatively impact your healing.

Module 9


Did you know that toxins could be a huge reason for your health issues? This module is going to cover everything you need to know about toxins, such as which ones to avoid, how to remove them from your daily life, and even how to physically support detoxification. You will also learn about how to best support the liver, which is a key organ for detoxifying excess toxins and hormones from the body.

Module 2


Protein is key for our bodies to function, but I see so many people either eating too much or too little protein. They are also eating the wrong types of protein. This module will cover exactly what protein is and which ones I recommend over others. This one might surprise you!

Module 4


I’m sure you heard that low-carb is the way to go when it comes to eating healthy and have heard you should try paleo, AIP, keto, or sugar free to feel your best. You will learn about exactly what carbohydrates are better than others, why carbohydrates are important, and the truth about grains and legumes.

Module 6

Minerals - Part 1

Something so many functional medicine practitioners are missing are minerals and mineral balance. Each mineral plays a role in different parts of your body and can impact your gut health, hormones, metabolism, and more. This module is going to teach you all you need to know about minerals.

Module 8

The Gut

Gut health is something I focus so closely on because it is something most of my clients struggle with. We must understand the things that can alter our gut microbiome and why we might have gut issues in the first place. You will learn all you need to in terms of how to optimize the gut through diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Module 10


This module focuses on hormone health. Want to learn about the female hormone cycle? How can your diet impact hormones? What foods to eat to optimize the hormones? This module will teach you everything you need to know and will also focus a lot on liver health!

Free Hair Tissue Mineral Test Included!

Every single participant will receive a FREE Hair Tissue Mineral Test (worth $100) and a FREE 40 minute 1:1 session with me at the end of the program!

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Group Program Details

  • Group capped at 20 Participants

  • Program price: $2,500

  • 10 Live session video modules with me lecturing and giving presentations, plus a group Q + A

  • FREE Hair Tissue Mineral Test and a FREE 40 minute 1:1 session with me is included

  • Downloadable presentation materials

  • 5 Months of meeting as a group every other week, totaling 10+ hours of material

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