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Trust Your Gut - 10 Complete Modules

About this program:

This module package is about giving YOU the tools and information so that you can live a healthier lifestyle. Included in this package is my lecture and presentation of the entire Trust Your Gut program, broken down into 10 distinct modules. You will have access to the videos and PDFs of all the slides so that you can re-watch and re-use any of this info for yourself! This Program Includes: -10 Video Modules with me lecturing and giving presentations -Downloadable presentation materials Module Program Cost: $800 Module Details: 1. Sleep, Stress, Exercise 2. Protein 3. Fats 4. Carbs 5. Dairy & Calculating Food Requirements 6. Minerals Part 1 7. Minerals Part 2 8. The Gut 9. Toxins 10. Hormones *PLEASE REVIEW & AGREE TO PROGRAM DISCLAIMER BEFORE PURCHASE. By purchasing this program, you agree to the disclaimer.




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