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Trust Your Gut - Summer & Fall Session 2023

About this program:

Trust Your Gut is a group coaching program focused on giving you all the information you need to live your healthiest and best life. The program is about giving YOU back your power so that you can make educated decisions about your health & understand why your symptoms are showing up in your body the way they are like bloating, acne, fatigue, constipation/diarrhea and so much more... everything starts in the gut & I will teach you everything I know about this! This Program Includes: -10 Live session video modules with me lecturing and giving presentations, plus a group Q+A -BONUS: 1 free 1-on-1 session with me where we review your free hair tissue mineral test ($350 Value) -Downloadable presentation materials -5 Months of meeting as a group every other week, 10+ hours of material Program Cost: $2,500 Program Dates: Module 1 - Wednesday, July 12th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 2 - Wednesday, July 26th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 3 - Wednesday, August 9th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 4 - Wednesday, August 23rd, @ 4:00pm PST Module 5 - Wednesday, September 6th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 6 - Wednesday, September 20th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 7 - Wednesday, October 4th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 8 - Wednesday, October 18th, @ 4:00pm PST Module 9 - Wednesday, November 1st, @ 4:00pm PST Module 10 - Wednesday, November 15th, @ 4:00pm PST *PLEASE REVIEW & AGREE TO PROGRAM DISCLAIMER BEFORE PURCHASE. By purchasing this program, you agree to the disclaimer.




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