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Are You Consuming Quality Salt?

Are you still using table salt? I know not many people know that the salt you may be using can be damaging to your body. Table salt is produced by heating salt at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature actually alters the chemical structure of the salt and decreases the nutrient benefits that salt actually has. Table salt is heavily processed and refined which removes all the good stuff. Table salt also contains iodine as well as MSG or white processed sugar to stabilize the iodine.

Salt is actually a nutrient and you do not want to be depleting your body from this. So what types of salt should we be consuming?

Pink Himalayan salt is really easy to find and is definitely one of my favorites. It is considered one of the purest salts out there and even contains all of the 84 elements found in your body! It has a variety of nutrients and can help regulate sleep, your blood pressure, and even blood sugar.

Celtic sea salt is also amazing and similar to pink Himalayan salt in terms of its benefits and nutrient content. No matter how you store Celtic sea salt, it retains its moisture and you will notice how moist it is when touching. This salt can help increase your immunity, improve brain function, increase energy, help with electrolyte balance, and more.

Another salt brand I love is Redmond Real Salt. The reason I love this salt is because it’s unrefined and full of nutrients. It is harvested in Redmond, Utah, and the salt is a remnant of an ancient inland sea from the Jurassic period. The salt that was settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped and eventually pushed itself up to the surface. This is definitely unlike any other salt and you can truly taste the difference.

Salt should be included in your diet and you should definitely pay attention to the type you consume. It is also important to understand why good quality salt is actually healthy and needed for our body to function.

My mom has personally been struggling with elevated blood pressure and she was informed to cut back her salt consumption. This really frustrated me since we are taught the same thing in pharmacy school. Salt is actually crucial for blood pressure regulation and it depends on what kind of salt you’re consuming, as I stated earlier.

Salt is not only crucial for regulation of blood pressure, but also other bodily functions. We have to remember that salt consists of two essential nutrients: sodium and chloride. We cannot deplete ourselves from essential nutrients that play a role in various physiological functions.

The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-system (RAAS) manages the sodium-water retention mechanism and other hormonal inputs in the body. Potassium is also a component in this system and when there’s not enough potassium, sodium becomes dominant. When there is too much of that sodium to potassium ratio, there becomes an issue. This means usually there is a potassium deficiency, not elevated sodium levels.

We need salt for things like thyroid health, immunity, sleep regulation, stress management, cognition, and more. This is your reminder to add good quality salt in your diet!


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