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The hair products I can't live without...

If you have been following me on social media, you know that I share my concerns over the dangers of certain chemicals and fragrances in many product, such as toothpaste, makeup, laundry detergent, and even our hair products. It is extremely important to understand that some ingredients in your personal care products can be doing more harm than good.

My goal here is not to scare you about what is in each of your products, but to educate you while also sharing some products that I use personally use and trust.

Let's talk about some of the harsh chemicals & common ingredients in common shampoos and conditioners bought in common stores;

  • Fragrances

Can cause a number of health issues from migraines to asthma, nausea & more.

In the study cited below, they found that in the US Overall, "34.7 % of the population reported one or more types of adverse health effects from exposure to one or more types of fragranced products. The most common types of adverse effects were as follows: 18.6 % respiratory problems; 16.2 % mucosal symptoms; 15.7 % migraine headaches; 10.6 % skin problems; 8.0 % asthma attacks; 7.2 % neurological problems; 5.8 % cognitive problems; 5.5 % gastrointestinal problems; 4.4 % cardiovascular problems; 4.0 % immune system problems; 3.8 % musculoskeletal problems; and 1.7 % other"

Fragrances can also be sourced from over 3000 possible chemicals to achieve the desired scent

  • Parabens

Parabens are a preservative used to extend the shelf life of a product

In the study summary below it is stated that multiple uses of parabens should be avoided. There have been some studies on parabens and their link to breast cancer, The studies have been small but have shown that the breast tissue tested did contain parabens. There was also a study completed showing that parabens had been shown in breast milk.

There are also a number of parabens that are banned in Europe but allowed within the US

"Due to the real risk of estrogenic effects, as a result of exposure to parabens in cosmetics, simultaneous use of many cosmetic products containing these preservatives should be avoided"

  • Sulfates

The most common being SLS - Sodium Lauret

Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are foaming agents that give the false illusion of making things clean because they create a foam or bubbles

They have been linked with irritation and dryness of the scalp and skin

  • Silicones

While studies haven't shown their level of toxicity, different types of silicones have been found to create a layer of oiliness on the scalp & over time can leave the hair itself feeling dull and dry along with leaving a weighing down feeling because of all the build-up.

Enter Born Naturals a Canadian company run by the amazing Natalie who is on a mission to bring the best natural hair-care products to the market. Every product is cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and proudly made in Canada.

They have such a great mission statement that I 100% get behind!

BORN Naturals is built from the principles that we will never sacrifice your health for beauty and that beauty is not a competition.

From over a decade of working with people on nutrition and lifestyle changes to better their health and quality of life; it became apparent that what we eat is not the only factor that affects how we look at feel.

The harsh chemicals used in some beauty products are disrupting our endocrine systems and compromising our environment.

The unrealistic standards for beauty created by the media are detrimental to self-esteem.

We had enough of it!

Here at BORN, we celebrate your natural-born beauty and encourage you to honour your health, unique allure, and remind you that beauty is never a competition.

Natalie very kindly sent me some products to try over 7 months ago & I am converted for life!

Below are some pictures of my hair before starting to use Born Naturals

Here is my hair now...

I'm sure you can notice a huge difference in the volume, thickness & shine! When I started using the products I don't think I ever got so many compliments over my hair before! My DM's were blowing up on Instagram & it was all honestly because of these amazing products!

Please note: Hair health also comes from focusing on our internal health. Make sure you are eating enough food, eating real whole foods, sleeping enough, absorbing your nutrients (gut health), and managing your stress! This is something I work on with my clients! If you want to work with me, just fill out the form here on my website!

Benefits of using Born Naturals:

  • No SLS

  • No Synthetic Fragrances - only essential oils are used

  • No Parabens

  • No Formaldehyde

  • No Silicones

  • No Phthalates

  • Female owned

  • Independently owned

I love that I finally get amazing hair without any sacrifice or worry about what I am putting on my hair and scalp ❤️ ! This is definitely my kind of brand that I will gladly support.

What I also love is that there is an ingredient list over on the website, but you can check it out here where it tells you what every ingredient is and what it's used for in the products! Talk about transparency!

Natalie has kindly given me a discount code for everyone to use so if you'd like to try just enter code KRISSY at checkout for 10% off

If you do try, be sure to tag me @drkristinatelhami & @bornnaturals in your posts so that we can follow you on your hair journey!

This post was NOT sponsored. I just want to share my love and support to a brand that cares about our internal and external health!

- Dr. Kristina Telhami


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Written by Dr. Kristina Telhami and Amanda Hann


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