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Why Food Sensitivity Tests Are Not Worth It

One of the top requests my clients come to me with is wanting to do a food sensitivity test. Fun fact: I have never done a food sensitivity test and I have never ordered one for my clients. Honestly, this is a waste of your money and let me explain why.

If you are suddenly reacting to foods or cannot tolerate half the foods you used to, I want you to understand that this is not the root of your issues. Food sensitivities are a SYMPTOM and this is NOT normal!

If you cannot tolerate a lot of foods, it’s most likely your gut & digestion that is impacting this. Are you making digestive enzymes? Are you lacking stomach acid? We need stomach acid to breakdown and absorb our food. A lot of foods can causes reactions in the gut when we’re not breaking down food properly. Or maybe you have an infection in your gut that can only be seen through a stool analysis panel, such as a GI Map.

Common foods that show up on these food sensitivity tests are beef, avocado, dairy, and eggs because those foods are ones that do require more enzymes and stomach acid to break down. A lot of people also see foods that you eat more of and then may all of a sudden cause a reaction. A histamine intolerance may also be mistaken for food sensitivities, so see my instagram posts for those symptoms! Histamine intolerance is usually gut related, and I have also helped many clients heal their histamine intolerance through a personal protocol.

Take it from me who could not tolerate dairy for YEARS but can have it daily with no issues. I used to not even be able to tolerate a bite of sourdough, and now I don’t have the crazy symptoms or issues like I used to with these foods!

If you're reacting to eggs, spinach, beef, sourdough etc. then this is something that is NOT normal. I see so many "health influencers" telling people to do these food sensitivity tests, but you should not be having issues with every single food. While yes, sometimes we can be more sensitive to foods based on our genetics or current health issues, this does not mean you need to be avoiding multiple foods forever.

Food sensitivity tests are extremely expensive, and I encourage you to spend that money working with someone to get to the root of your health issues. If you're unable to digest something, there's a reason for that. I have helped multiple clients tolerate dairy, meat, eggs, and more foods after avoiding them for YEARS. If you cannot tolerate red meat, that's an indicator that you have some gut healing to do!

I help clients heal their bodies on the inside and most of the time they start to eat foods they never used to be able to tolerate. If you want to finally feel free from avoiding every single food out there, I can help you! Just remember that healing your body naturally takes time and patience. You cannot expect an overnight fix when you finally address the root cause of your issues and stop finding bandaid solutions!


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